Awareness Is Worthless

Awareness cannot be taught.  Awareness cannot be learned.  Awareness cannot be investigated. Awareness cannot be sold. Awareness cannot be marketed. Awareness cannot be spun. Awareness cannot be caught. Awareness cannot be found or lost. Awareness cannot be created. Awareness cannot be conceptualized.  Awareness cannot be analyzed.  Awareness cannot be deconstructed.  Awareness cannot be seen, heard,Continue reading “Awareness Is Worthless”

Bad News: You Will Not Wake Up Tomorrow…Good News: You Will Not Wake Up Tomorrow

You will not wake up tomorrow. Sorry and congratulations. First, of course, there is no “you” to be awake. I don’t want to belabor this because I know everyone talks about this and many have described it far better than I. However, because it is so important (important in the sense that, once seen, you’llContinue reading “Bad News: You Will Not Wake Up Tomorrow…Good News: You Will Not Wake Up Tomorrow”


Your default setting is wisdom and peace. The only thing that ever covers over your experience of spaciousness and peace, in any moment, is believed thought. You don’t need to do anything to become what you already are. It is only thinking that suggests otherwise. Don’t believe it. Just leave it alone. It will pass.Continue reading “Simple”

Even Simpler

All that is ever happening is this: Thoughts and Sensations (seeing, smelling, hearing, touching, tasting) arise within Awareness (what we refer to as emotion is a combination of thought and sensation). All thoughts and sensations change constantly; awareness of the changing thoughts and sensations remains regardless of change. Awareness of changing thoughts and sensations (or awareness of not being aware ofContinue reading “Even Simpler”