About Vince

I first discovered the 3 Principles in an article in the Utne Reader sometime in the mid-1980’s. The article was a very brief interview with George Pransky one of the pioneers of this new understanding of human functioning. I don’t have any memory of the specifics of the article, but I know I was so interested after reading it that I set out to find a way to contact George. These were the days before Google so I had to call the 411 service and try to find a phone for George who I knew from the article lived in Washington state. I finally reached George while he was cooking eggs for lunch at his house in LaConner. We had a brief conversation and he sent me a few tapes to listen to and encouraged me to come out to LaConner sometime to learn more. Nearly 10 years later my wife, Ami, and I were driving around the Pacific Northwest during our summer vacation. On a lark, we called Pransky and Associates and discovered they were offering a three-day training later in the week. We decided to attend, made a right, and headed to LaConner. That happened in 1994 and I have been working with the 3 Principles understanding ever since.

I now make a living as a coach and counselor using the 3 Principles approach. If you or your employer/agency are interested in learning more about the 3 Principles understanding, please feel free to contact me by email at vflam2@gmail.com.

I hope to hear from you!

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