What You Really Are Can Never Be Found By Anyone

Everything we see/hear/touch/taste/smell/think is an object, an object of consciousness. These objects include everything from a 50 ton whale to an atom viewed through an electron microscope. And the one we typically think of as “me” is also an object of consciousness. What You really are contains what you think you are. Do nothing exceptContinue reading “What You Really Are Can Never Be Found By Anyone”

It Is All a Story…Including This (Step 1)

I’ve mentioned before in other posts that all that is ever really experienced is thinking and sensation. No matter what it looks like, everything that we are ever experiencing is thought and sensation. The combination of these two elements is what we sometimes refer to as emotion (with sincere thanks to zen teacher Joko BeckContinue reading “It Is All a Story…Including This (Step 1)”

Awareness Is Stuff, Stuff Is Awareness

Even though Awareness cannot be “experienced,” this doesn’t mean that Awareness-Being is somehow separate from all of the stuff of life. On the contrary, life is Awareness/Beingness itself. Absolutely everything is known in, by, and as Awareness. Nothing is separate from this Everyday Awareness present here-now…It is never anywhere other than here. A line from the Heart Sutra says that “form is nothing other than emptiness andContinue reading “Awareness Is Stuff, Stuff Is Awareness”


Wherever you are right now, reading this, stop. What do you notice? Sounds, sights, sensations, smells…allow them all. What notices? Thoughts probably stumble through that say “I do” or “me” or “my brain” or “my senses” or something similar. What notices those thoughts? Welcome home to the place you never left.