Trust It

What we who have been ‘seekers’ have sought is the very thing that watches the seeking, that watches the stopping of seeking, that watches the frustration, the resignation, the eggs cooking, the Monday Night Football game, the dog sleeping, the stomach gurgling, the cold feet, the uncertainty, the bad money management, the opinions, the beliefs,Continue reading “Trust It”

Our Bed of Nails

Our opinions, our beliefs, our certainties, our stories, our memories, our worries and projections – all of these make up the bed of nails on which we lie. Give them space – it is the solvent that dissolves them along with any idea of ‘me’.

After the Fact

We only know what we are doing after-the-fact. The ‘decision’ to do whatever it is we’re doing is ‘made’, that is, comes to us fully-formed. Then, we say ‘I decided.’ Thought is always after-the-fact. What we think of as our ‘life’ is only known in retrospect. Now is completely unknown.