Bad News: You Will Not Wake Up Tomorrow…Good News: You Will Not Wake Up Tomorrow

You will not wake up tomorrow. Sorry and congratulations.

First, of course, there is no “you” to be awake. I don’t want to belabor this because I know everyone talks about this and many have described it far better than I. However, because it is so important (important in the sense that, once seen, you’ll stop reading all of these blogs and books and finally take the time to fix that screen door that you’ve neglected for the past few years!), allow me to add my own pointing, such as it is, anyway.

This idea of ourselves that we typically refer to as “me, mine, I, etc.” is just that – an idea. By “idea,” I mean it is a thought that occurs only in a moment and then is gone. It reappears hundreds of millions of times, but it still only occurs in a moment. Read that again. The “I,” the “me,” the “myself,” is just a thought that occurs at an instant and then dissolves as easily and as effortlessly and as unintentionally as it appeared.

Any argument against this is just more thinking, more ideas occurring moment-by-moment; now, here in this instant; now gone. Whatever thought is occurring in this moment is no different than the thought of “I, me, mine.” What you are reading now is just thought, more ideas arising in this moment. Now here. Now gone.

Any thought, any idea can point us back to seeing this impermanence arising and dissolving right now. We just need to stop long enough to see it happen. It is not hidden. Or, if it is, it is hidden in plain sight. We are usually so mesmerized by thought that we don’t notice the obviousness and effervescence of seeing now. It is only another idea that tells us that we don’t yet see. See?

However, back to the point of this note. What has really struck me about all of this lately is the “momentary-ness” of seeing. We can’t see tomorrow (of course, there is really no “tomorrow” either, but let’s not go there for now!). We can’t wake up tomorrow. Awareness/Seeing is only available now…and now…and now…

Everything is always just this moment. There is no such thing as as “your life” or “my life” – there is just livingness in this moment.

This is the good news. We can stop the work to wake up tomorrow. It won’t happen. It is utterly and completely futile to live as though it will. It is a fool’s errand. Waking up tomorrow is a mirage. But now, see this! This is it! Rest here, now.

There never has been and there never will be another opportunity to recognize the Seeing/Awaring that is here now other than in this moment. Forget what your thinking is telling you right now. Forget it! Leave it alone. Whatever thought is telling you, leave it alone! You are already home. Seeing/Awakeness is what you are. Don’t buy anything else thought attempts to sell you. Just rest in this instant and see.

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