The Futile Attempt to Change What Is Already Changing

There has never been any emotion, any thought, any sensation, any situation, that has remained the same. Never. Look into your own direct experience right now – this isn’t some grand, esoteric teaching. Whatever you were thinking, feeling, or sensing when you began reading this paragraph has changed by now. That incessant, effervescing flow is happening all the time – bubbling, frothing, flowing and never staying the same. Notice, too, that the awareness – the Seeing – of these phenomena, has NOT changed. Experiences are just like the images appearing on the television screen; they are in constant motion, but the space of the screen doesn’t change.

Regardless of what is happening, we can either be caught in phenomena and attempt to modify or change what is already constantly changing, or we can just rest, relax, and leave everything alone. Awareness is inseparable from thought/emotion/sensation and thought/emotion/sensation is inseparable from Awareness. It is one and the same. Focusing on trying to modify what is constantly modifying leads to more and more entanglement and suffering; no longer efforting reveals space and freedom already complete and whole. Awareness is always present – it IS presence – YOU are presence. Just rest there; and when you doubt that you are doing it right, rest there.

You are OK.

Everything is OK.


See for yourself.


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