What IS the Point? Part II

The point is Love.

As long as we remain caught in the fiction of separation, there is fear and defending and attacking to maintain the form – and there are countless forms: people and dogs and nations and ideals and philosophies and theories and property and mine and yours and certainty and right and wrong and Christians and Jews and us and them and Democrats and Republicans and conservatives and liberals and educated and uneducated and rich and poor and beautiful and ugly and man and woman and terrorist and freedom-fighter and war and peace and on and on and on – the history of humanity.

The point is Love.

As soon as we SEE, as soon as we SEE that there is no one to awaken, then we SEE that there is no “we.” There is only just THIS. The Great Empty Knowingness that is looking through the eyes of the ‘One’ typing this is the same Knowingness looking through the eyes of the ‘One’ reading this. There really is just this One. There has never been anything else. There has just been an ongoing story. It is the belief in the story, the fiction, the movie of separation, that allows us to hurt and kill “the other.”

There is no ‘other.’ Seeing that directly eliminates the fear that drives the need to protect the fictional ‘me’ from the fictional ‘you.’ We, you, I am not two. There is no multiplicity. There is just the complete Allness. You are It and I am It and she is It and he is It and they are It and we are It and this is It and that is All.

And the point of All of It is Love.

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