It’s Very Gentle

This “awakening from the dream” is really a very gentle happening (or non-happening). It is simply a recognition of what has been SEEING everything all along, and recognizing that the SEEING is what you are. Everything seen – absolutely everything – including these ideas about seeing – are more dream images arising in you. Trees, sounds of cars, the dog breathing, shadows on the floor from the lamp, the cramp in the big toe, the neighbor walking in front of the house on the sidewalk, the pressure of the keyboard on the fingers, starlings on the birdfeeder, your partner in the chair across the room, stomach rumblings, thoughts of work, thoughts about God, thoughts about getting it or not getting it, feelings of sadness, feelings of anticipation – all of these things coalesce in Awareness (including the concept “I am aware”) and dissolve. The SEEING of them is what you are – and the SEEING can’t be seen because the SEEING is not an object.

There is nothing “you” need to do in order to SEE. Isn’t it happening right now? No fanfare, nothing earth-shattering, just simple, clear SEEING right now – RIGHT NOW in this very moment. SEEING only happens now and has never and will never happen at any other time or place (because there isn’t any!).

Relax as the SEEING that you are. Just rest as SEEING. Everthing arises, has its moment, and passes away. Let it be – you only think you have some choice in the matter. The great good news is that there is absolutely nothing you need to do other than REST, right now, in THIS moment.

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