End the Search with THIS!

Right now, in this moment, aren’t ‘you’ being? Right now, in this moment, look directly and answer this question: does it take any effort to be right now? Right. Absolutely everything else is a dead-end direction. There isn’t any more to IT than This. Rest.

The Futile Attempt to Change What Is Already Changing

There has never been any emotion, any thought, any sensation, any situation, that has remained the same. Never. Look into your own direct experience right now – this isn’t some grand, esoteric teaching. Whatever you were thinking, feeling, or sensing when you began reading this paragraph has changed by now. That incessant, effervescing flow isContinue reading “The Futile Attempt to Change What Is Already Changing”

Not Two

There is not KNOWINGNESS and the OBJECT of knowingness. SEEING and SEEN arise together. Has there ever been SEEING without AWARENESS of the SEEN? Has there ever been HEARING without AWARENESS of the HEARD? Has there ever been THINKING without AWARENESS of the THOUGHT? Do you see what the seeming multiplicity share? Awareness is theContinue reading “Not Two”