Something To Do

There is nothing to do.


Watch the imposter’s belief-thought that much can be done to “awaken.” Watch the thought ‘there are books to read;’ watch the thought ‘there are practices to do;’ watch the thought ‘there are films to view;’ watch the thought ‘there are conversations to have;’ watch the thought ‘there are tapes and talks to listen to;’ watch the thought ‘there are satsangs to attend;’ watch the thought ‘there are websites to search;’ watch the thought ‘there are techniques to master.’ This imposter lives, moves, and has its being in, by, and as thought – nothing more.

Look. Can ‘you’ find the ‘you’ that tells ‘you’ that there is much ‘you’ can do to awaken anywhere other than in and as thought? Right now, awareness SEES the thinking that has stirred as a result of these word-thoughts. Is SEEING another thought? Can thought SEE thought?

Look; REALLY look. Watch the imposter’s facile explanations and claims – all thoughts. These habitual thoughts are the story, the spell. SEEING does not require thought. No doubt, thought will continue to arise; but, what cares other than another thought that says “I care?”

What can be done? Some suggestions that may help, unless they don’t…

Don’t move, unless movement happens.

Don’t talk, unless talking happens.

Don’t eat, unless eating happens.

Don’t breathe, unless breathing happens.

Don’t sleep, unless sleeping happens.

Don’t work, unless working happens.

Don’t search, unless searching happens.

Don’t read, unless reading happens.

Don’t touch, unless touching happens.

Don’t choose, unless choosing happens.

Don’t live, unless living happens.

Don’t die, unless dying happens.

Don’t care, unless caring happens.

Don’t be, unless being happens.

Don’t do, unless doing happens.

Don’t not do, unless not doing happens.

Don’t think, unless thinking happens.

Don’t you, unless you-ing happens.

Just watch, and nothing happens…

except for everything.

Watch that, too.

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